8 Ways to Be the Forbidden Fruit to Men

Oct 31, 2022

In any relationship, it’s crucial to stay yourself. That`s completely true and needs no explanation but being the forbidden fruit to men can make your life much easier. However, there`s no need to pretend that you`re not interested in guys at all. Being irresistible to men will let you get what you want from them without hurting their feelings or just using people`s trust. The other advantage of your insuperability is that it helps to hold a man close to you so that he never loses interest in your person. Here’s how to become that forbidden fruit for men:

1 Wait and date

It may seem that this guy is really the one you need. However, even this strong yet often mistaken feeling shouldn`t interfere with your patience. Don`t a rush to tell the guy you like him. Be wise and strong. Behave the way a grown up woman does and give him a chance to show that he deserves you. Play with him. Run away and let him catch up with you but don`t go too far. If you do everything correctly, you`ll see that it`s even more exciting to keep the disturbing tension between you two a bit longer than usual. A hot man, who usually has no problems to take any woman to his bedroom, should do something more to win you. As a result, he acknowledges your unique individuality and becomes head-to-heel obsessed with you.

2 Diffidence causes indifference

Confidence is genuinely one of the best girl`s traits. It`ll help you be the forbidden fruit to men as well. Stay confident and believe in everything you do to become the one who attracts men’s attention. Don’t be too self-confident, though. Otherwise, you`ll never manage to win a man`s appreciation.

3 Be a riddle

We all like unusual things – something we love but can`t explain to ourselves. Try to be more intricate in men`s eyes. Don`t be an open book to everyone. They`re likely to be passionate about a woman they don`t know well. When a guy completes his crushe`s puzzle, he probably won`t be interested in such a woman anymore. Therefore, one of the most basic things to do to become irresistible to men is to keep a mystery about yourself.

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4 Move like a cat

A woman`s body can be a powerful tool that let you win any guy’s heart. Learn your body language and use it properly to become irresistible to men. The last thing you want to do is move your body like a stripper every time your meet him. Move like a cat with grace, charm, pace and style. If you’ve just started dating that guy, you can touch his hand, or run your fingers up and down his shoulder but nothing more. Think what other mini gestures will drive him crazy and practice more to become a real wild cat.

5 Don’t be his boss

If you`re already in a relationship, the thing to avoid doing to stay irresistible is being bossy. Don`t rule your relationship like if there`s no his opinion. If all you do together belongs to your personal wishes only, your boyfriend will soon start looking for someone else. No man needs a partner who`d say him what to do. He needs the one who`d inspire and back him up.

6 The one you need is you

Don`t let men think that you can`t live without them. Show that your life is happy even without a soul mate. Don`t pretend but just do so. Spend enough time improving yourself instead of crying over your crush. Even if you already have a partner you really love with all your heart, don`t be blind to the rest of the world except him. If a man sees that your comfort zone is something more than a relationship, he`ll always do his best to make you happy without asking for anything in return.

7 Joke and laugh but don’t be rough

You don`t need to be a clown but having a good sense of humor will definitely help you be more attractive. Positive attitude also shows your confidence and you look independent in others` eyes. Joke when you feel it`s needed and laugh when you want to. Don`t be too serious because people may think that you have no time for pleasure like all those businesswomen. If you do, your crush will think that his attempt to ask you out on a date would probably be denied and he wouldn`t even try. Be simpler.

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8 Don’t be a queen

Some girls think that being needy is what makes us real women. They require 100% of attention from a guy and shower him with hundreds of obligations. Men hate needy and clingy girls. If you want him to be with you for long, don`t cage his life. Give him more personal space and don`t call or text every 10 minutes. It`ll make a man miss you and find more time to spend with you.

If you want to be irresistible to men, don’t be afraid to change yourself. Become more independent and don`t rely on a man`s support anytime you encounter problems. When he realizes that you`re worth nothing without him, he feels his power and starts ruling you and your life. Try to be lovely, serious, good humored, confident and sexy at the same time and it`ll make you a truly forbidden fruit every man would like to taste. What is the most difficult task for you from this list?