7 Amazing Ways Tattoos Make You Better

Want to know a secret about me? I am one of the millions of women that succumbed to the early 2000’s trend of lower-back tattoos. That’s right. I am rocking a “tramp stamp” that looks eerily like the Harley Davidson sign (which was not my intent).

And while I do have to admit that I regret my choice of tattoo, it turns out having one has some surprising benefits for me. Don’t believe me? Here are seven reasons I am right and you are wrong. The following are amazing ways tattoos make you better:

1 Tattoos can make you healthier

Some really smart people with the American Journal of Human Biology did a study that shows people with tattoos tend to have a better immune system than our non-inked friends. And the more you have, the better immunity so go ahead and get that fourteenth tattoo you have been considering.

2 Those who ink together stay together

It is true. Getting matching tattoos with other people is a bonding experience. Whether you get matching tattoos or just go at the same time to hold each other’s hand, you will never forget the experience as long as you live. So go ahead and get those matching hearts or BFF tattoos.

3 Tattoos make you happy

You have heard about adrenaline junkies, right? Well, getting a tattoo releases that same endorphin and adrenaline rush as say, jumping out of an airplane. And it is much safer than that alternative.

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4 Tattoos can get you hired

Even though most people think the opposite, it turns out that a survey showed managers rated images of people with tattoos higher than those without because they believed they could attract a younger and more hip clientele. It is all about staying relevant.

5 They make you feel better about yourself

Getting a tattoo can improve your self-image for up to weeks after you get fresh ink. And if you are a man, apparently the effect will last longer for you so rock out your new tribal band. And you know what? Ignore those who judge you for your tattoos.

6 Tattoos provide needed cover

Some people use tattoos to cover up something that they do not want to see. For example, birthmarks, scars, or that really sweet tattoo of your ex-boyfriend’s name (yeah, I am talking about you!). Other people even use tattoos to enhance a scar and remind them of what they have been through and how much stronger they are because of it. Whichever reason for it, it can really help add to your confidence.

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7 Tattoos are art

If tattoos are art, then you are a walking museum, which makes you super cultured. I have seen some designs that truly do rival a painting so I am a big believer in this one. Just make sure that you have seen examples of the artist’s work before taking their word for their talent.

I am all about expressing yourself through whatever means you choose so long as you are making the decision for yourself and not to impress anyone else. So if you have thought long and hard about that really cool tattoo and you just can’t stop thinking about it, go for it.

And if anyone questions you or tries to make you feel bad about it, just show them these seven reasons why you are a better person now because of that fresh ink. Do you feel like your tattoos are making you a better version of you?