10 Stylish Ways to Wear Your Boyfriend Jeans This Fall

Aug 7, 2020

If you happen to catch me on the weekends, more than likely you are going to find me wearing my new favorite pair of pants. They are comfortable. They are cool. They are not too casual and they are not too dressy. If you ask me, they are practically perfect in every single way. What exactly are they? They are the boyfriend jeans and if you love them too, here are ten trendy ways for you to wear them this fall.

1 Dress them down

Keep it casual by pairing your boyfriend jeans with your favorite tee and a pair of flats. You will be comfortable all day long and still look pulled together. I love finding an old concert t-shirt or graphic tee, but this look also works with a buttery soft plain tee as well. The objective here is comfort, so do not overthink it.

2 Dress them up

Going out for drinks? These bad boys can come along too. Just dress up your boyfriend jeans a little by adding a sleek blazer and heels. The structure of the blazer pairs nicely with the loose fit of boyfriend jeans and makes for a sexy and confident look. You will be catching the eye of everyone while you are ordering a cocktail at the bar.

3 Keep it simple

Top your boyfriend jeans off with a simple sweater and a statement necklace to add a little bit of glam to your outfit without looking like you are trying too hard. Choose a sweater that is close-fitting and understated so your bold statement necklace can take center stage. Wear a pair of flats or dress it up with a pair of heels.

4 Go Los Angeles cool

Wear the unofficial uniform of L.A. by pairing your boyfriend jeans with a crisp white tee, sandals or sneakers, and aviators. Choose a more distressed and torn pair of jeans to go with your impeccable white tee. This is what to wear when you are walking down sunset boulevard shopping until you drop. Don’t surprised if you get mistaken for a celebrity!

5 Keep them guessing

Can’t decide if you want to dress up or dress down for the day? Do both! Wear a graphic sweatshirt with your boyfriend jeans and add a cool pair of pumps or sneakers. Choose a smaller cut on the sweatshirt so you don’t look sloppy in a baggy shapeless sweatshirt. This is a look that we feel comfortable wearing to the office but that can also transition to happy hour.

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6 Go nautical

An effortless look that anyone can pull off with boyfriend jeans is wearing them with a nautically striped shirt and flats. This classic look can go absolutely anywhere! Want to be more expressive? Add a pop of color with a skinny belt or bright accessories to punch up the drama. We love the look of navy stripes with unexpected neon accents.

7 Show some contrast

Pair your baggy boyfriend jeans with a sexy fitted tank top. The contrast makes for a chic casual look in the summer. I love the look of whitewashed jeans, with a black tank top and dainty gold jewelry. Finish it off with strappy sandals and understated jewelry to look like the coolest girl while beating the heat.

8 Stay comfortable and cozy

When the air starts turning crisp, wear a loose t-shirt with your boyfriend jeans, add your favorite pair of flats, and top it all off with a scarf. You’ll be ready to go apple-picking in no time and with minimal effort! This is the cozy outfit you want to be in while you’re picking out the perfect pumpkin or roasting marshmallows around the bonfire.

9 Go full-on glam

Feeling like releasing your inner-diva? Pull out your favorite sequin blouse and strappy heels. They look surprisingly fabulous with boyfriend jeans. I am telling you, these pants can go with anything. Choose the typical light washed boyfriend jeans or go for the less traditional darker wash to dress your outfit up even more. You’ll be looking glamorous and chic while feeling super comfortable all night!

10 Let’s hear it for the boys

Go full on masculine with your look by topping off your boyfriend jeans with your boyfriend’s varsity jacket and sneakers. You can add a statement necklace or bright belt if you want to add some feminine flair. Or do not do either and instead play like a boy for the day.

These jeans are named after your favorite guy, so why not dedicate your whole outfit to that hunk? If you want to still show that you are a fashionista on the inside, play up your makeup and hairstyle before you go out the door.

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Dressy or casual. Feminine or masculine. Slouchy or constructed. As you can see, boyfriend jeans are one of the most versatile trends that we’ve seen in a long time! we are just hoping they are here to stay. I truly live in mine when I am not at work. So the question is: Do you own a pair yet? If not, what on earth are you waiting for?