9 Magnificent Christmas Makeup Ideas

Nov 28, 2019

Want to have the jolliest, most joyful, envy-inducing makeup this Christmas, but your mind is drawing a blank on the creativity end of it? You do not want to just slap on the usual red lippie and some glitter. Here are nine uniquely holiday themed makeup ideas for you this Christmas to show your holiday cheer.

1 Pretty in Peppermint

Red is a classic Christmas color, and candy canes are a classic Christmas candy, so why not use the classics as inspiration? Don your usual bright red lipstick, but instead of doing a plain black or colored winged liner, use a red and white liner to create a candy cane effect. You will fall in love and so will everyone else.

2 Candy Cane Queen

Take the previous look one step further by adding a red smoky, sultry eye and taking that candy cane glam up into your eyebrows. Although you can just use some jewels to create this look instead of actual candy canes (which may be way too sticky), it is up to you to decide what to wear.

3 Charlie Brown Christmas

Photo: pinterest.com

Take yet another Christmas classic and use it as inspiration. Charlie Brown with his wimpy Christmas tree and lovable Snoopy are the perfect inspiration. Although this look will take a very steady hand and a lot of patience, it is worth your time and effort.

4 Luminous Lights

What’s more Christmas-y than Christmas lights? Pop some color on the eyes and carefully draw on some lights, either looping them around and behind your brow, or around and behind your traditional winged liner. Either way, you will be the talk of any holiday party you go to.

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5 Eccentric Elf

If you want to go all out, this look is for you, girl. Grab your glitter, your bright eyeshadows, and eyeliners, and some elf ears. You can take this down the peppermint route, or even go for a green, glittery elf instead to make it more unique. This is one of the most festive Christmas makeup ideas to try.

6 Elf on an Eye

This has to be my favorite yet. Taking inspiration from one of the most festive, fun holiday traditions: elf on a shelf. But instead, this little elf will be hanging on an ornament off your eye. The double wing and glitter just make it that much more fabulous. Look challenging? Why not?

7 Naughty Neutrals

If you are looking for a tamer look, search no further than this simple, yet insanely detailed look. The brown liner and subtle shadow give this look a soft, more elegant look than the rest. And adding the reindeer? Well, that is just fun.

8 Winter Wonderland

Photo: pinterest.com

If you want a festive look that is still within the realms of normalcy (aka you will not get weird looks from outsiders) then this crystal blue eye is just up your alley. Adding just the right amount of sparkle with the snowflakes and glitter eyeliner is the perfect touch to this otherwise simple look.

9 OG Ornaments

The last but definitely not the least Christmas makeup idea to consider is Christmas tree inspired lips. Instead of focusing solely on the eyes, why not play with your lips a little? Splashing some gold and silver atop a unique design is sure to make you stand out. Add the glitter to make your lips even more dazzling.

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Those are all the mesmerizing Christmas makeup ideas I have for now. Sure, there are tons of other ones so feel free to add your ideas to the list. If not, then pick one, or even two of these ones, and rock your holiday glam like you never have before.