7 Tasty Foods to Avoid Before Bed

Jul 26, 2020

For years, health experts advised that you should never snack before bedtime. But sometimes, the right kind of snack is good fuel for your dreams.

Other times though, we make poor decisions and eat things that are not good for getting that desired beauty sleep. Here are seven foods to avoid before bed.

1 Pizza

We have all been there. After a night of drinks with friends, what tastes better than pizza? But the cheese has been shown in recent studies to cause nightmares. And while you are having scary dreams about your thighs rubbing together, that tomato sauce can cause your stomach to hurt. That is why you should avoid this food before bed.

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If you are going to eat pizza, do it early in the evening for dinner. Eating many calories late at night is going to affect your waistline quite adversely. Not to mention that you can wreak havoc on your digestive system.