Give Him More Freedom and He Will Love You Stronger

Jun 4, 2021

Yes, all the clingy ladies out there, I know your pain. You love him so much that you can’t let him breathe freely. You control each of his steps and want to be a part of each aspect of his life. Do you believe it is normal? Stop it! Your hyper control is slowly ruining your relationship, and do not tell me that I did not warn you.

If you wonder why your new relationships never last long, that’s because you give your partners no freedom. Here is why you should give him more freedom and why he will love you stronger then:

He will miss you

Although guys rarely express clinginess, they do strive to know everything about their girlfriends’ daily lives. If you text or call your guy every 10 minutes, you do not give him enough time to miss you. As he knows each of your step – obviously, you do tell him what you do each 10 minutes – chances are, he is going to get sick and tired with you really faster than you think.

Just leave him alone for several hours – no texting, no calling, just do your job, and that’s it. He will miss you so much and will finally have a chance to call or text you first.

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He will thank you

No matter how much you love each other, taking short-term breaks is essential for a healthy relationship. His world should not revolve around you only, just like your world should not revolve around him.

Spend your time with your besties and let him spend at least one weekend with his friends. If he is introvert and craves some me time, understand it and hide your phone somewhere you can’t find it – if you have trouble giving him some free time. He will thank you later and love you even stronger.

Respect his goals and dreams

If your boyfriend loves you and does whatever you ask to do, he might end up wasting his life being your bestie, dad, brother, and puppy – all in one. This way, you will make him ignore his own goals and dreams.

The worst is, he will hate you for this in 5 or 10 years and will blame you for stealing his dream life. Do you want such an end? Nope! Appreciate each other’s dreams and goals and give each other enough time to achieve them.

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He will want to marry you

Do you want him to propose? Do you want him to marry you? Give him freedom. If he chose you, then he is not going to back off. Guys are afraid of clingy girls. If you have been dating for a long while and does not want to propose you, he might keep overthinking your behavior. Moreover, he might be afraid to live under one roof with a clingy wife.

Freedom will not give your partner a chance to cheat on you. Banish your negative thoughts. If you want to make your relationship last, you need to overcome your clinginess and give him a bit of freedom. He has his own life, after all.