7 Ways to Heal Your Old Insecurities

Millennials are called a narcissistic generation that is more confident than the previous ones. However, the surveys show both women and men suffer from the feelings of insecurity, regardless of how selfish and narcissistic they are. What are the causes of insecurity? Mostly, our inner voice.

If you have been dealing with a painful life experience for a while, your inner voice might become even more critical. There are a lot of things that may shape your negative inner voice, including a breakup, a failure at work, a toxic friendship, and anxiety.

Past failures are something that may shake your confidence and prevent you from living in the flow of your genuine purpose. That is the path to nowhere. Read on to discover how you can heal your old and current insecurities for good.

1 Every good deed has its downsides

No matter how many good deeds you do, there is always a tiny bit of negative effect. If you did a good deed that led to unexpectedly disastrous consequences, it does not mean you did something wrong. Acknowledge the fact that every deed has its advantages and disadvantages. It does not define you. It makes you a great person that the world needs all the time.

2 Two souls can’t stay together when they are not compatible

Failed relationship is generally a root cause of insecurity. Handling a breakup when you are still in love with that person is one of the most painful life experiences a person must face at some point in life. Life does not end, though. You need to have faith and avoid negative self-talks. Your real soul mate might be closer than you think. Don’t let your old insecurities destroy your happy future.

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3 Staying in an abusive relationship is your choice

Truth be told, each one of us has the right to choose how to live our lives. Women who stay in toxic relationships are more likely to feel insecure and miserable. Is it a cruel fate or a deliberate choice? It is a super-common choice that people make realizing all the consequences.

If you feel like you are in an unhealthy relationship that is draining your confidence, remember, you are the only one who has enough power to change the situation and correct your life priorities. The longer you stay in a toxic relationship, the more insecure you become.

4 Hard times are not your enemies

We tend to feel insecure during the hard times, believing that it is all our fault. The reality is, people are doomed to go through periods where they have to show their strength and learn crucial life lessons. Hard times are not your enemies. They are your invisible teachers that appear once in a while to help you grow and learn.

5 Interacting with the world is an art that you have to master

The way you interact with the world plays a critical role in how you feel about yourself. If your insecurities do not let you live in tune with everything and everyone that surround you, it is time to remind yourself why you are here. Every person has their mission on the earth. Once you figure out your mission, you will ditch your insecurities for good.

6 There are no losers

Let’s say: you have committed tons of mistakes, but you are still not successful. This happens. There are no losers and no winners – those who will tell you otherwise avoid at all costs – we are all equal. Moreover, we are not perfect. Your mistakes and failures will definitely help you down the road. Just do not allow your insecurities to lead you astray.

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7 Depend on no one but yourself

Our insecurities often make us look to others for advice and answers that only we know and can provide. Relying on someone else for anything weakens our will-power and creates dependency. Instead of looking for someone’s approval, discover the world through your lens. Be sure of yourself. Trust yourself. You have the answers to your questions.

By trying to please everyone and control every aspect of your life, you leave more space for your insecurities. Learn to live your life in a way that makes you feel strong, illuminates your soul and creates your happiness. Your words and actions have a purpose. Remember it next time your old or current insecurities will eclipse your mind.