How to Do a Fishtail Braid (+Short Video Tutorial)

Nowadays braids are more popular than ever. Guess, why? Because there are so many awesome braided hairstyles that it’s impossible to ignore this trend. Rope braids, waterfall braids, fishtail braids… when you begin braiding, you can end up creating all the different types of braids.

Fishtail braids are more popular among girls than other types of braids. They look gorgeous, fashionable and are easy to do, though many still believe it’s one of the hardest hairstyles. All you need is a long hair – the longer, the better. Check out some tips on how to do a fishtail braid and take a look at the tutorial below.

1 Smooth hair saves you from despair

Combing and brushing should be your first step to creating a fishtail braid. Whether you want a messy or neat braid, smooth hair guarantees the perfect result. Use the detangling product if you have a frizzy hair or opt for hair straightener, though I don’t recommend using it because hair straightener and the next step makes damaged hair. Also, your hair shouldn’t be too clean. Don’t wash your hair at least two days before braiding. A little dirty hair looks smoother and makes the process of braiding easier.

2 Spritz hair spray before braiding

Separate your perfectly smooth hair into two sections and spritz your hair spray onto each of them. However, use it only when you are sure you can do a fishtail braid in a matter of a few seconds. Otherwise, you will need to wash your hair and start all over again. Practice without hair spray well in advance to avoid damaging your hair.

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3 It’s not French braid

…so you don’t begin braiding on the crown of the head. Fishtail braid starts down toward the nape. You can create a side fishtail braid too. Anyway, fishtail braid isn’t French braid. Both hairstyles have different techniques so be sure to follow the right ones. Surely, you can combine a regular fishtail braid with French braid, but only when you learn how to do both hairstyles separately.

4 Master the art of separation

Once you separate your hair into two sections, take a thin strand from the left or right section and gather it from the outside. Pull it up and across the left/right section. Move it towards the right/left one. Tuck the thin strand under the right/left section. Tug on the two sections to tighten them. Then pull a thin strand from the left/right section and tuck it under the right /left section.

Continue alternating the sides until you have a fishtail braid. From right to left or left to right… it doesn’t matter. What really matters is keeping those sections completely even. The thinner the strand, the more intricate your fishtail braid. It sounds difficult, but with a little practice, patience and time, you will definitely master the art of separation.

I know it’s a bit overwhelming and complicated, but don’t be afraid to experiment. Use different textures and techniques to do your fishtail braid. Once you learn to do it quickly, your long hair won’t look that messy during the day. You can create a fishtail braid in the morning or right before going on a date.

This is one of the easiest yet chic hairstyles for lazy girls who don’t know what to do with their long hair or who want to look elegant in a matter of a minute. I love making side fishtail braids – either one or two, this hairstyle is awesome. You can also make a topsy-turvy ponytail or add some bright colored hair extensions before braiding. The possibilities are endless when you can make a regular fishtail braid.

Take a look at the tutorial to make your learning process a bit easier: