7 Highly Qualified Lawyers in Las Vegas

Do you need to find a highly qualified lawyer in Las Vegas? Finding a good lawyer in Las Vegas is not difficult. While it is pretty ignorant to say there are no bad lawyers, there are several good apples in the bunch. Here are highly recommended lawyers that can help you solve your problem in Las Vegas.

1 Paul Padda

Paul Padda is a former federal prosecutor whose experience in the justice system has polished his professional skills thus attracting a sizeable number of clients. Being the son of immigrants from India, he has an understanding of what people sacrifice to reach their goals. This has enabled him to serve people from different classes within the Las Vegas area. He can help you fight for compensation and closure. Get more information here.

2 David R. Fischer

This Las Vegas lawyer has a Master’s degree in Dispute Resolution from the Straus Institute at Pepperdine University – an institution that has won several awards for that particular program. Mr. Fischer is a criminal defense lawyer who has acquired skills at getting charges reduced or even dismissed, therefore, avoiding trial.

That sounds like a deal that many would definitely go for. He served 9 years in the U.S. military and this certainly does not hurt his chances of coming across as an honorable man. He has handled cases that range from Driving Under the Influence to White Collar crimes. Get more information here.

3 Jacqueline Mary McQuigg

A practicing attorney for over 25 years, Jacqueline Mary McQuigg has an ocean of experience in practicing law in Las Vegas. She comes from a family with Italian and Mexican background and her experience lies in probate law, real estate law and bankruptcy law. Amongst the multiple feathers she wears in her cap, she is also a firm supporter of the LGBT movement and provides attorney services without discrimination. Get more information here.

4 Rodney Okano

In cases concerning personal injury or car accidents in the Las Vegas area, you can be sure that Rodney Okano is among highly qualified lawyers. He also practices in the field of consumer bankruptcy. Borrowing lessons from times served in a large plaintiff personal injury law firm and a busy bankruptcy firm, Rodney Okano went ahead and opened his own firm. Consequently, the amount of cases handled in the previous firms provided him with great opportunities to sharpen his skills. Now, as he serves in his own firm, he offers services that do not leave anyone in the cold. Get more information here.

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5 Brittany Wood

A graduate from the University of Montana, Brittany Wood has honed her skill as a professional lawyer and found specialization in title and real estate litigation. She also has experience in handling state and federal excise and use tax cases. In matters concerning professional malpractice and great personal injury, Brittany Wood has the sufficient professional skills to handle them in court. All these show that her academic awards are testament to her arsenal of skills in the law profession. Get more information here.

6 Stacy Rocheleau

Graduated from law school 20 years ago, Stacy Rocheleau has gone ahead and specialized in divorce law in the Las Vegas area. As a professional lawyer, she has handled multiple divorce cases and developed the ability to point out key aspects of the cases that are suitably important to her clients. Apart from her lawyering skills, she has also excellent negotiation skills that are definitely valuable in divorce law. Get more information here.

7 Paul C. Ray

Paul C. Ray worked for 19 years at a civil litigation firm before venturing into managing his own firm Paul C. Ray, Chtd. His line of work focuses mainly on civil litigation and navigating through complex legal and legal issues. Through his long and continuing career, he has been involved in legal issues involving contract, corporate and real estate development matters in Las Vegas. Rated highly by his peers, he also teaches seminars and writes his own articles about civil litigation. Get more information here.

These are just some of the most professional lawyers in Las Vegas. They all offer services in different facets of the law field and are able to handle challenging cases in Las Vegas. Find more information by visiting their websites in case you need a lawyer today.