How to Nourish Your Brain with Positive Things

Feb 25, 2017

Our brains are so complex with over 100 billion neurons and a tremendous capacity to store memories and experiences. The brain is what functions the entire body of any species. It is truly a mysterious and amazing part of who we are. So, we must take good care of our brain.

When we nourish our brains with positive things, there is no limit to what our brains can do. So, how do you nourish it? Here are a few ideas you can do right now to nourish your brain.

1 Nourish your brain with whole foods

We all know that eating healthy makes our bodies healthy, but that also includes our brains. Eating certain foods like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains can actually help to protect the brain’s function. Avoiding foods with trans fat is vitally important to a healthy body and brain. Be sure to look at the ingredients when choosing your foods.

2 Get your body moving

Exercise increases the levels of serotonin, which alleviates depression and makes the body feel good. Exercise also maintains blood flow and pumps more oxygen to the brain. It lowers cholesterol by keeping the arteries clear, and it also stimulates the connections between brain cells, which in turn grow new connections.

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3 Engage your brain

To keep a healthy brain, you need to keep it engaged and active. Engaging your brain can lessen the likelihood of developing dementia and can improve your memory. There are tons of ways to keep your brain engaged like solving puzzles, socializing, and learning a new skill like painting or playing an instrument.

Do familiar or routine things differently. For example, if you put your left sock on before your right sock, reverse that, or when you shower, do a different order of what you wash first. The best way to keep your brain engaged is to do something that is challenging but not too difficult that you want to give up.

4 Train your brain to become stronger

There actually is science behind the thought that positive thinking can nourish or change the brain. Neuroplasticity is a way of training your brain. When you have a positive outlook on life regardless of good or bad experiences, and you do this consistently, you train your brain to become stronger in the area of positivity.

So, you can actually rewire your brain when you use positive thinking. You can rewire it for any situation like when you’re worrying, stressed out, moody and more. In other words, you’re building the positive thinking muscle in your brain.

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These are just a few ideas to nourish your brain with positive things. Once you make these a priority, you will have trained your brain, remember that neuroplasticity thing, to continue to be more positive and healthy.

Do things that are challenging yet fun, and be sure to eat healthy and exercise as much as you can. What are some other positive ways you can think of that would nourish your brain?