7 Ridiculous Reasons Why Optimists Love Being Late

Aug 16, 2015

They say, optimists are always late. I personally have this habit but, frankly speaking, it doesn`t seem to be a big problem for me. Even when I wake up early in the morning and have plenty of time to get to work, I`m still always late for 10-15 minutes. I get up three hours before it`s time to work and have so many interesting activities like watching the latest news, working out, doing makeup and cooking a healthy breakfast. I know that punctuality is crucial but what can I do? People who are chronically late can`t and don`t want to change it as they feel amazing the way they are. Now take a look at some of the reasons why optimists are always late and why they don’t worry about it.

1 Being late means being optimistic

Those of us who are always late wherever they go aren`t obviously a bad kind of people. Their unpunctuality doesn`t mean that they disrespect others or think that they have a right to feel like they are more important than others. They`re optimistic by nature and it`s a real reason of that lateness. They`re sure they will accomplish their tasks and they don`t mind if someone says it`s impossible.

2 It`s healthy

Even though being late because of strong optimism isn`t a work out or a healthy meal plan, it has a useful impact on human`s body and mind as well. Not only do you become more positive with your thoughts and have a perfect mood almost all the time but it also protects your body. Feeling free and thinking positively prevent you from having cardiovascular diseases and let you feel better every day. This is definitely one of the things to love about being late.

3 It makes you happy

The optimistic world view of these, sometimes, strange individuals helps them in life. Scientific researches proved that being an optimist is a great trait everyone should have. It makes you happy because it helps you treat the world around you with less seriousness. You don`t think that a problem is the end of all your dreams and hopes like pessimistic people do. You smile quite often and like having fun as much as possible.

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4 You feel each current moment

People who are troubled to do everything as soon as possible often stop thinking about why they do it and it leads to the lifestyle called ‘simple existence.’ They just do something all the time and don`t care about the final result and its real value. Optimistic individuals, though, who`re guilty for being frequently late don`t feel like being in a rush is something obvious. They can get the most out of each and every moment. What is life? Future and past are your thoughts and nothing more but only the present moment has a strong connection with reality. You don`t wait for a miracle but you feel alive instead because you`re the one that creates this very miracle and you know it well.

5 Lateness is a relative concept

While being late is an example of bad behavior and unpunctual people are supposed to be irresponsible in Germany and USA, Latin Americans regard lateness as a normal thing and they don`t judge anyone for this actually innocent habit. Time is a relative concept and different societies have their own point of view about it. Some say that unpunctuality leads to lower productivity. Of course, order and set rules are extremely important attributes of any job but being late for several minutes isn`t a crime, right?

6 It promotes your success

You rarely care about the difficulty of your tasks as you believe in yourself. It boosts your chances of gaining more success because it helps you be more productive and creative. You can easily cope with working in team and you quickly become its irreplaceable member. You`re always ready for more and this trait is the one all successful people have. Doesn`t this fact cover all those times you`re late?

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7 It lets you focus on reaching your goals

You`re an easygoing person thus you don`t pay attention to trifles. You know what you want to get out from life and you most likely tend to ignore all other stuff. You`re more focused on crucial goals and are ready to do your best to reach them. Your life is always full of time for many incredible adventures and successful achievements. You enjoy the world every now and then thus you don`t hurry up to live.

I always thought I had a serious problem with punctuality until I found out these fun advantages of being chronically late. It turns out, we sometimes worry about things that actually bring us luck and just let us be the way we are indeed. It sounds strange, but it`s absolutely true that chronically late people are mostly optimists. What other benefits of being late do you know?