5 Signs You Are a Cynical Optimist and Why That Is Perfectly Alright

Nov 4, 2016

The world is a mess and there is no point in putting it lightly. We have seen a drastic decline in sufficient leadership across the globe and it seems like it will not be getting better anytime soon. However, with this decline we have seen an increase in the breed known as the “cynical optimist,” which in turn might just be the saving grace against the amplified destruction of humanity and the world.

The cynical optimist is the person who has a genuine faith and hope for humanity and its improvement, but also wants to grab a pie and throw it in its face for its stupidity and indifference for failing to shape up.

The cynical optimist understands that one day they might have to make a choice between either being a cynic or an optimist, but that with the dilemma the world is in right now. It is reckless to just be one or the other, especially if the two of them can work so great together.

It is so important to realize that the world is dissolving in chaos, but to have enough drive and faith to know that you have the power to do something. Here are a few signs that show you might be living this double agent – and yes, often confusing life:

1 Life seems bleak until you have that first sip of wine

Your day was the epitome of a horror show and on top of that you are getting anxious and frustrated about voting next week. Your dog thought it was the day to surprise you with his business all over your carpet when you got home (you checked and his red dog door was still intact).

Oh, on top of that rent is due and…and… and stop. You walk over to your cabinet, take out that wondrous glass goblet your best friend bought you for your birthday – she is always so thoughtful; you uncork that 2l red Rosé, pour it in to that blessing of a glass and you bring it to your lips.

That smell overwhelms your senses, the world and all its problems slowly fade away. You take that sip and suddenly the balance is restored. You can take on the world, you can take on the election and yes you can take on the nasty left by your adorable four-legged friend.

2 The thrill and cringe-worthy concept called love

Gag. Love. Who needs it? What is wrong with society that they are absolutely obsessed with being in love? It is so unnecessary, especially for the independent and evolved mind. Besides, who has time for it? Relationships have too much baggage.

“Oooh, that gorgeous guy that I met at our office party just texted me! He told me that he really felt a connection between the two of us and asks if I would like to go out for dinner with him!” You respond with a simple “Yes.” Duh – especially if there is a possibility of getting your dessert on.

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3 A chameleon with friends

You can adapt to any situation and can blend in with any group of friends you find yourself surrounded with. It is not that you are pretending to be someone or something that you are not – you can just place yourself in their shoes and see things the way they do, and then respond accordingly.

At work you can be positive, but also professional, exuberating confidence and a lot of flair. With your besties you can just chill it out in your sweats while having a Grey’s Anatomy Marathon, laughing and crying together with no threat of being ridiculed as weak and weird.

You understand that not many people will get you – you are indecisive and confusing. In fact, you hardly ever understand yourself; that is why you choose to just go with the flow and not make anyone else feel awkward, unless they start deriding feminism, then it can get awkward pretty quickly.

“Our ancestors fought hard for what we have today you insolent breast!! You can be grateful my Papa told me not to cuss in public – ignorance will bite you in the? The? The bum!”

4 What is a cross between a lunge and a crunge? Lunch!

It is a new day, a new month and it is time for a new you. You start eating healthy and working out like a beast. You finally feel mentally and physically prepared for the apocalypse or for when you might be called out as a tribute. Hey, things are feeling a lot more like The Hunger Games than the lovely Utopian Neverland J.M Barrie wrote about and what we believe the world to be.

Then all hell breaks loose in your personal life and when you look again you find yourself stuffing your face with the delicious and decadent box of Godiva Truffles. You are high on the endorphins released by the food that had to come straight from heaven.

You smile and push away the guilt by reassuring yourself that this was your choice and that it is your body. If you want to eat those truffles, why should you not? Of course it takes even longer to get back in the exercise saddle again. The struggle is real, people.

5 The magical wonder of sleep

There is nothing in the world that can compare to that feeling of comfort and relaxation a person feels when she or he falls on the bed after a hard day of work. You feel the coolness of the pillow and blanket (or in my case, duvet) hugging you. And it is not hard to imagine that you have landed on a cloud and will soon be drifting away to the world of dreams, waking up energized and determined to take on the world and all its battles.

Unless, of course, your mind decides to replay the whole day, including all the conversations you had, scrutinizing over every detail of it. When that is done, you suddenly find yourself thinking about your board meeting tomorrow and wondering if you are prepared enough; that soon moves to next week, next month and yes, next year.

Finally, after your irritation of not being able to quiet down your mind dies down and the guided meditation repeats for like the zillionth time – you feel yourself falling asleep. The music is carrying you to that far off place, your body and mind relaxes, you feel content, you feel at peace, you feel… BEEP, BEEP, BEEP! URGH! Time to wake up! Really? Really?

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In conclusion, at least we are getting better at this whole balancing between cynicism and positivism act. We are making progress and we care, a lot actually – that is why we get so overly and sometimes emotionally involved. In the end it will be the cynical optimist – or if you would like to, call us the realist – who will change the course of history.

We are both the dreamer and the doer; we see a problem and we care enough to do something about it. We do not just sit around in ignorance and naivety, believing someone else will save the world, nor do we look at the world and think nothing can be done, criticizing and attacking everyone who thinks differently.

We see both sides and we understand – maybe we are the wallflowers of the world and you know what? That makes it more than alright, it makes is spectacularly beautiful.