5 Strengths of Introverted Moms

Sep 2, 2016

If you find yourself craving alone time and wishing that your kids would take longer naps so you can regroup, there’s a good chance that you are one of those powerful introverted moms. Turns out, there are quite a few of us out there and news flash: there is nothing wrong with us. In fact, experts are now saying that introverted moms have a few surprising strengths that our more outgoing social-butterfly friends lack. Read on to discover your superpowers.

1 We understand and push for balance

While other moms may overschedule their kids and spend the days running from piano practice to soccer practice, we, introverted moms, leave our day planners a little less jumbled. This is probably due to the pressure we felt growing up to be more outgoing. Now, we are content with letting our kids play in their room if that is what they feel like doing. Do not want to play tee-ball this year? Fine by us.

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2 We let our kids be independent

We are not the only ones that need our alone time, our kids do, too. It encourages independence and time for less stimulating activities. We truly know the value of these moments and now, so do they. One day, they will thank you for instilling this quality in them at a young age. So please, do not try to be a helicopter parent.

3 We are the best listeners

When was the last time you tried to get a word in edge-wise at a PTA meeting? Didn’t have too much luck, did you? That is because those meetings are typically full of extroverts speaking their mind, or more like shouting it over each other. We are the ones sitting back and admiring the show. All this time not spent pushing for the spotlight has led to us becoming best listeners.

4 We help our kids express themselves

As introverts, we spend a lot of time alone with our feelings which has helped us be more in touch with them over the years and more adept at expressing them when needed. This is something that children have not quite mastered yet, so we are the natural people to help them slow down and express what they are feeling and how they can deal with those feelings.

5 We help our extroverted kids understand their introverted friends

As little extroverts, it is hard for some children to understand that their introverted friends may need some quiet time to themselves occasionally, and, more importantly, that that does not make them odd. We can help them respect others and their individual social needs because we have been there before.

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So, if you are an introverted mama and you are feeling like you just can’t measure up to the outspoken perky women that you see on the playground, take it easy on yourself. We all bring our own strengths and weaknesses to the game and it turns out that introverts are pretty super, too. Now it is up to us to show our children the value of being quiet from time to time in the middle of this chaotic world.