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8. Messy Lob

While messy hairstyles may not be the most elegant or polished, they are perfect for a carefree and casual summer look. A messy lob or bob is an excellent choice for beach days and road trips, and it can even look more stylish than a classic messy bun.

This summer-inspired short hairstyle is easy to achieve and effortless to maintain. You don’t need to spend hours styling your hair, and you can embrace your natural texture and waves. All you need is a bit of texturizing spray and some tousling to create that effortless, beachy vibe.

Moreover, a messy lob or bob is incredibly versatile. You can wear it with a center part, a side part, or even swept back for a chic and sophisticated look. You can also play around with different hair accessories like headbands or scarves to add a pop of color and personality to your short hairstyle.

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