10 Ways to Turn Your Busy Office into a Relaxing Retreat

Do you find your workplace to be stressful, cluttered, and just plain annoying? If you feel overwhelmed by books, paper, printers, faxes, pens, paperclips, and sticky notes, why not turn your busy office into a relaxing retreat? Working from home should be experienced as a pleasure, not a hassle.

The atmosphere in which we work is very important to our work productivity. Having a cluttered office space can also be a health hazard, both physically and mentally. You should be allowed to enter your personal work space stress free, clearheaded, and inspired every day. Take charge of your work space and turn it into a spacious retreat in ten easy steps.

1 Declutter your space

Declutter your space by putting paperclips in their rightful boxes, sticky notes and reminders on a cork board, incoming papers in the incoming box and files in the file cabinet.

The sooner you put office supplies where they belong, the sooner you will feel less stress in your daily workday. Clutter is known to decrease motivation, cause overwhelming feelings, and lower our work productivity levels.

2 Turn your office into a relaxing retreat

Turn your office into a relaxing retreat by adding personal touches from home. Bring in photos of loved ones, your furry pet and photos of pastimes you are fond of such as your wedding day photo, your grandchild’s first communion or your 30th anniversary. Be creative with your emotions and properly place these items around your office space without making it look like clutter.

3 Organize your office

If you have filing cabinets, keep all the files in their proper places. The worst feeling is when you are working on a huge project or a client calls and you cannot find the file you desperately need. Place all of your files, faxes, envelopes, packages and boxes in their rightful places.

4 Keep water close by

If you can arrange to have a water jug in your office space along with some nice water glasses, then do so. When anxiety levels are high, a glass of water can help calm us down. Welcome a sense of serenity into your new office retreat.

5 Put some soft music on in the background

Add ambiance to your retreat and put on some smooth tunes to keep you calm and collected. Stay away from heavy metal, rock, pop, and dance songs that can get us all geared up and emotionally charged.

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6 Be one with nature

Place plants and flowers around your office. Flowers and plants can provide a wonderful refreshing scent and can be a great addition to the office. You can also add an aquarium for fish or a running soothing waterfall of some sort.

7 Dim the lights

By dimming the lights or changing the light bulbs to a lower watt, you can avoid harsh bright lights that agitate us. Buy some soft lighting for your new rejuvenating retreat. Do not make the lights too dim as you just might fall asleep at your computer.

8 Re-program your mind

Keep calling your office space a retreat. Your retreat is now a place where dreams are made, productivity and inspiration is high and where motivation has no boundaries.

9 Paint the walls a new soft color

Harsh bright colors will never provide you with a sense of tranquility. Try shades such as cool breeze light blue, sunny soft yellow, sienna orange or empowering purple.

10 Add some more furniture to your new retreat

Change that boring old office chair into a comfortable chair that you can lean back in and relax your mind every now and then. You can also add a soft and comfortable small or large couch to your office for visitors to relax on while meeting with you.

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Get rid of the extra stress you have in your life and change your office area into the comforting retreat you have always wanted. After all, if you wanted a regular office desk job, you would never have made a space for yourself to work in at home. Allow yourself to work under comfort circumstances. It will greatly improve your physical health, your motivation and give you the drive to succeed.