10 Amazing Ways to Invest in Yourself

Are you investing in yourself, or getting so caught up in the chaos of your day-to-day that you lose sight of your own happiness? Investing in yourself includes short and long-term goals and indulgences. In fact, when you take care of yourself you are better prepared to take care of other people and make meaningful contributions to the world. Here are just 10 of the ways you can invest in yourself.

1 Pursue an education

Whether you want to get a bachelor’s degree, graduate level education, or a certificate as a paralegal, pursuing professional training sets you up for success. Investing in your own education is a way to build your own confidence and create more opportunities for yourself in a field you are passionate about.

2 Travel

Travel allows you to experience everything from new food and different cultures to scenic panoramas that remind you how beautiful the world really is. If you get lost along the way – great! Traveling can often show you how well you can handle adversity and get yourself out of a bind.

3 Meditate

Even 10 minutes of quiet solitude per day can turn into a remarkable investment in your peace of mind. Amid the noise and bustle of your schedule, allow yourself a break to clear your mind and focus on your breathing. If you are not sure where to begin, find a guided meditation recording or sign up for a yoga class.

4 Make meaningful friends

Our friends are crucial to our sanity. Knowing you are not alone when you experience a hardship is very important. Likewise, good times feel better when you can share them with loved ones. Did you know that people with meaningful social bonds often live longer? Invest in your friendships, and you are investing in your own health.

5 Follow through on one goal each day

Whether it is writing one chapter to your novel, going for a mile-long run, or making progress on a table you are building – follow through on a goal every day. Seeing progress on a long-term goal is an investment in your long-term success and confidence.

6 Splurge on self-care

Even when you are on a budget, indulge in a manicure or massage from time to time. This investment in your physical well-being and ability to relax will yield huge returns. Even one massage every six months is something to look forward to and definitely well deserved.

7 Find something you are really good at

Do not go through life without a passion for anything. Find a hobby, sport, or ability where you are able to success. Even if you do not need the accolades that accompany being exceptional, you will surely feel better about yourself.

8 Stay healthy

We can’t control every aspect of our health. Sometimes illness will strike even people who have taken great pride in eating healthy and staying active. Still, take the time to think about what you are eating, stop smoking, and get some exercise and fresh air as often as possible. Investing in your health allows you to fully enjoy life.

9 Laugh

Find a way to laugh. Every day. Laughter releases endorphins, reconnects you with friends and family, and eases whatever burdens you may be facing today. So buy tickets to a stand-up comedy show, watch your favorite funny movie, or find another way to remain lighthearted.

10 Learn to say no

You can’t help out at every fundraiser, always be in charge of the carpool, or attend every party to which you are invited. Learn to prioritize your life and say no sometimes so that you are not running yourself ragged to keep other people happy.

Investing in yourself means giving yourself permission to put yourself first from time to time. Indeed, unless you are fulfilled and feeling good about life, it is difficult to shine at work or be the best friend, spouse, or parent you can be.