7 Ways to Reduce Trash and Improve the Environment

I do not know about you, but I live in a city full of trash. The worst thing is the locals make that trash and pollute the environment. Then, they complain that the government does nothing to keep the city clean. Instead of complaining, it is best to reduce waste and stop throwing your trash away wherever it is possible. If you are looking to improve the environment, here are seven ways to reduce trash.

1 Stop using disposable cups and plates

Coffee and tea drinkers use millions of disposable cups each day without realizing how they harm the environment. Yes, disposable cups are great, probably because you do not have to wash them. However, take a minute to think about where all those cups go. The same goes for disposable plates and other items like spoons and forks.

2 Ditch chewing gums

Chewing gums have many pros and cons, but if you want to reduce waste and improve the planet, say goodbye to them. Chewing gums are everywhere. People stick them under the tables, benches, public transport or simply throw them on the ground. If you are guilty of it, please stop doing it. Gums thrown on the ground looks like pieces of bread to birds. Once a bird eats gum, it dies. Do you still want to chew the gum?

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3 Invest in reusable cloth bags

Plastic bags are easy to use and you can buy them everywhere so that you do not bring any bags with you to the store. Plastic bags are like plastic dishes, though they are everywhere. Some studies show that plastic bags may take 500 to 1,000 years to break down in landfills. Reduce trash and improve the environment by switching to reusable cloth bags.

4 Purchase secondhand things

I am not telling you to buy secondhand clothing because I never do it. However there are many things you can purchase secondhand, such as decorations, books, furniture and building material. Not only will you reduce trash and improve the environment, but will also save tons of money for the things that really matter. Even celebrities buy secondhand things, so why not?

5 Use a reusable water bottle

Every year, Americans throw away around 35 billion plastic bottles and only about 25% of them are recycled. The other 75% pollute the environment. Using reusable water bottles may help you improve the situation. In many countries, tap water is of better quality than bottled water. If this is the case, stop wasting your money on plastic water bottles, and opt for reusable ones.

6 Buy in bulk

When grocery shopping, avoid using the plastic produce bags. Buy in bulk if you have a big family, or choose the food carefully if you live alone and do not need a lot of food. Everything plastic takes a lot of time to break down in landfills, so staying away from food packages is a smart way to reduce trash and save the planet.

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7 Consider composting

Composting is not fun, yet it is an easy way to get rid of garbage without damaging the environment. There are many community composting programs to take part in if you do not want to compose at home. If you have a garden, composting can greatly improve the soil. The smell is disgusting, but the results are fantastic.

There are many other ways to reduce trash and improve the environment. For example, you can also switch to cloth napkins, glass containers, and glass bottles. Reconsider your relationship with garbage and you will find many ways to improve it. Now is your turn to tell us about your tips for reducing waste.