3. Locust Pose

This pose does not necessarily target the front abdominal wall, but it does strengthen the back, which helps ‘cinch’ the waist by adding in stronger postural muscles. After all, standing straight and proper is the easiest way to flatten your core.

Lay prone on the mat. Arms are at your sides. Stay aware of the shoulders throughout this pose. You do not want them creeping up towards your earlobes and shortening the neck. Also be aware that Locust pose does put strain on the neck, so if you have an injury or a stiff neck, avoid lifting your chin and keep your focus down but slightly in head of you.

Drawing the pelvic floor upwards, guide your belly button towards the tailbone. Energize your entire body with a vigorous inhale then simultaneously lift the toes, thighs, ribs and chest away from the floor.

Keep the arms powerfully reaching for your toes. Feel the connection of your core as you lower with the exhale. Repeat several times, using the inhalation to lift and the exhale to lower.

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