5 Biggest Fitness Trends to Try in Fall 2017

Fall is right around the corner, bringing cozy sweaters, pumpkin spice lattes, and college football back. But just because the weather is cooler, does not mean it is time to stop working on your body. In fact, if you have fallen off the fitness wagon during the summer, this season of new beginnings is a great time to recommit to your health. Here are some of the biggest fitness trends to look for in the fall of 2017.

1 Fitness Trackers

You might be surprised to hear this is still a trend since fitness trackers have been on the market for a few years. But data shows that wearable technology is becoming more popular than ever. If you want to join the bandwagon or upgrade your current tracker, be on the lookout for technology that can track your distance, heart rate, steps, sleep and provide GPS on your hikes and runs. Some trackers also combine elements of smart watches so you can receive texts and smart phone notifications on your watch.

2 Yoga styles

Yoga has been around for thousands of years, but it is still growing in popularity. As more people try yoga, different ideas of how to practice have emerged. Perhaps you would like to try your practice with baby goats frolicking around and jumping on your back.

Floating yoga helps you take your balancing practice to a new level while on the water. Rope yoga is a new practice that uses straps to help you get deeper stretches. Be on the lookout for yoga pods that provide a heated studio anywhere.

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High intensity interval training has become popular because the workouts are shorter than a typical gym session. They often use body weight exercises instead of complicated gym equipment, so you can do these workouts anywhere. Expect to see more programs, classes, and social media ads focused on this metabolism boosting exercise. If you’re looking for added resistance, try a pool class with HIIT elements.

4 Fitness climbing

Celebrities have been going to Rise Nation, a gym that uses machines that simulate mountain climbing. Like HIIT workouts, these are short exercise sessions – only 30 minutes. Unlike HIIT, this is a low impact workout. The machines are customizable for your individual fitness level, so you do not need to be a seasoned climber to try this trend. Be on the lookout for climbing machines to make their way east as they grow in popularity.

5 Rowing

Rowing machines have been a staple in gyms for years, but they are experiencing a resurgence. Gyms are now offering rowing classes, much like spin class. Instructors help motivate and keep you focused, so you can burn more calories using this full body workout. You can even find boutique gyms dedicated to rowing as their primary cardio.

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As you make your way into fall, be on the lookout for these new products, gyms, and classes. Who knows, one of these new trends might become your new favorite way to keep fit. Whether it is a new fitness tracker or finally trying that class you have been eyeing, you will be in great shape for fall 2017 and beyond.