Your Fall 2017 Horoscope Has Arrived

Just in time for the changing of the seasons is the latest scoop on what is written in the stars! That’s right, it is the fall horoscope for 2017, and you may be very surprised with what is in store for you. Set down that pumpkin spiced latte, dear reader, for you are about to get caught up in the beauty that is this year’s autumnal horoscope.


Dear Aries, your ram-like impulses – as in dashing forward head first – have long been tempered by routine. You have probably felt rather stagnated this year, bored, and stuck in a veritable rut. Yet, now the leaves are beginning to change their colors, and so is the tide.

You are going to be given the potential to change your life by moving somewhere new, freshening up your lock, or even doing something completely off-the-wall. In the love department, the stars shift into Jupiter around October, meaning if you are in a relationship, things are about to get super steamy – in a good way!