Your Fall 2017 Horoscope Has Arrived

Just in time for the changing of the seasons is the latest scoop on what is written in the stars! That’s right, it is the fall horoscope for 2017, and you may be very surprised with what is in store for you. Set down that pumpkin spiced latte, dear reader, for you are about to get caught up in the beauty that is this year’s autumnal horoscope.


Dear Aries, your ram-like impulses – as in dashing forward head first – have long been tempered by routine. You have probably felt rather stagnated this year, bored, and stuck in a veritable rut. Yet, now the leaves are beginning to change their colors, and so is the tide.

You are going to be given the potential to change your life by moving somewhere new, freshening up your lock, or even doing something completely off-the-wall. In the love department, the stars shift into Jupiter around October, meaning if you are in a relationship, things are about to get super steamy – in a good way!


Fall is going to be a complete turnaround for you, dear Taurus. Though 2017 might have started off on the wrong foot, there is still time to fit things. Take the initiative and cut yourself free from the toxic ties that have bogged you down all spring and summer.

Whether this negativity is stemming from friends, family, or a lover, you will have it in yourself to break free. For the remainder of 2017, you will feel amazing. Romantically speaking, there will be a spark of serious intimacy and even the planning for something big. Hopefully, your love life is going well, because the stars are aligned to make magic happen.


The way the stars are in the sky right now has a very beneficial effect on the Twins. For the moment, your two sides are communicating very well and you may even feel some stability in your life. Now is the time to concentrate on that desire, whether it is love, a new career, or attaining something close to “settling down,” like a long term lease on an apartment.

Jupiter is going to be moving into your zone around October, giving you a breath of energy, so why not go on vacation with someone? Also, all your current hard work and dedication to getting somewhere is finally going to pay off. You wanted a promotion? You may be getting it.


Seeking a new kind of medicine? Take a trip. It does not even have to be that far from where you live, Cancer. An hour in the opposite direction of where you usually hang out is going to suit you just fine if you are not the adventurous type.

Another way to change the scenery, so to speak, is to redesign something, whether it is your interior or yourself. This process is going to be helped by the positioning of Pluto. You will be able to take a step back from certain relationships to change your focus and figure out who you really wish to pursue.


2017 has probably been going really well for you, Lion. Mainly in the love department! Neptune has worked itself into your skies, meaning that love and lust are blurred together; so do your best to try and stay focused on the people who matter. The good news is that eclipse did something for you!

From this August onward, that focus is indeed going to become more streamlined. And if you find yourself feeling utterly drained, do not feel guilty about taking a break. You have earned it. Go on a yoga retreat this Fall or something similar to rejuvenate your soul.

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Ah, Virgo, you have gone somewhat astray from your dreams, haven’t you? There is a lot going on in your life, like work, relationships, daily responsibilities, and a ton of over-thinking to go along with it. You have put yourself last, distancing yourself from the person you want to be. Thankfully, the fall 2017 is opening the door for you to find yourself again.

Do it right by allotting some time for yourself. Strengthen yourself by doing what you love. Bring yourself home. For those Virgos seeking love or lusting after someone, do focus on yourself first. Because you are distant from your center, you may wind up doing something that is very unlike yourself.


Personal growth is your mission this year, Libra – and it is about time. You are learning to be honest with yourself, even if it means tipping the scales one way or another. Now that you know who you are, you have probably taken a vacation from the dating scene.

However, because of the shift of the stars, you should definitely get back to it around September and October, because The One is closer than you think! Keep up the good work with your health, too. All that diligence is paying off.


Your romantic judgment has been clouded this past couple of years, but this fall, things are about to get much clearer. In October, Jupiter is going to be in your house, meaning you are going to be rocking the boat all night long because you are that awesome.

Then in November, Venus is going to shine a light on you, giving you a sense of fame and sexuality that will make you shine. Seriously, Scorpio, you are going to handle the rest of 2017 like a true boss. Time to sip some champagne and have people feed you grapes.


The fall 2017 is going to beckon to your creative side. Although you may have been feeling uninspired of late, these next few months are going to rekindle something inside that has you going out and seeing the world in a whole new context. Grab your camera, sketchbook, and paint the world anew.

Or take an art or pottery class to learn new skills. In the love department, this creativity will also lend itself to enlivening up your relationship, if you are in one. Should you be single, you will definitely be encountering a new suitor soon to get inspired with.

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You have been working much harder than usual to meet your personal expectations, Capricorn. As fall gets closer, though, you are going to want to slow down with the career and school projects to redirect some much needed attention to yourself and your social life.

You will feel a need for some fun, so use your productivity to get out there and actively meet new friends. Download a dating app, reunite with some pals, and go on holiday. By the time the winter months roll around, you will be invited to more parties than you are probably comfortable with attending – but take it all in and enjoy.


Surprisingly, Aquarius, this fall is beckoning to you to become a bit more friendly. Is there someone who you have been trying to befriend to no avail? Well, guess what? The cards are laid out in a way that suggests you are about to have a breakthrough.

Spend this autumn getting to know new people, as these relationships are going to propel you into the future. Just be sure to air grievances as they come, especially with potential suitors. Otherwise, you may lose the chance to make up with them by the end of the year.


When it comes to 2017, you have probably been swimming quite frantically. The reason is that Venus and Jupiter keeping flirting around your house, meaning that you have probably gotten a new partner, are being more honest about your passions, and also may develop secret crushes.

Trust is going to keep expanding throughout fall, though. So do not give up on trying to gain the affection of your crush. Stay true to what you want, and enjoy the success that is on the horizon.

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Fall 2017 is going to be a time of love and rewards for many of the astrological signs. Have fun this fall. Stay warm, and indulge in all things pumpkin. Let’s end this year right!