5 Calm Ways to Deal with Infidelity in a Seemingly Happy Relationship

Jan 29, 2018

When infidelity happens in a long-term and seemingly happy relationship, your emotions and feelings can instantly get the best of you. You may want to cry, scream and yell, but this will not help you solve the problem. There are some calm ways to handle infidelity in a both long- and short-term relationship that will help you stay less stressed and overwhelmed.

You may feel like trust in your “happy” relationship is broken for good, but it is still possible to find that understanding and even save the relationship. It all depends on how much you and your partner love each other.

1 Find out what is wrong with your relationship

It may be hard to accept infidelity and even harder to realize that your significant other could betray you, but infidelity did not show up out of nowhere. There must be a reason for it. Take your time to think about the major problems in your relationship. List them and confront your partner.

However, before you talk to your partner about infidelity, let him know that you do not want any drama or fighting. You both have to be able to discuss your relationship troubles and difficulties in order to move forward and heal your love.

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2 Be able to accept your partner’s speech

Your sincere talk may go unplanned and instead of hearing, “I am so sorry; it will never happen again because I love you,” you may hear, “Sorry, but I do not love you anymore and we should break up.” Be ready to accept his truth without yelling, crying, and cursing. Everyone has the choice in life. Be grateful for their honesty.

3 Do not let them make you feel guilty

A seemingly happy relationship is usually a toxic relationship, so when one partner is cheating, they might justify themselves by accusing the other partner of making them unfaithful. They might tell you that you are boring in bed or that you are too nagging. But do not let those words hurt your self-esteem. Let your partner know that you deserve respect and you are not going to stay in a toxic relationship with an unfaithful partner.

4 Forgive

Everyone is prone to making mistakes – both big and small. Infidelity is a big mistake, but when you love each other and you do want to fix your relationship, try to forgive them. Give yourself some time for being sure your forgiveness is real and you do want to save your relationship.

Even if you are not going to fix your relationship, just forgive and let go of it. Jealousy and anger do more harm than good and these two negative feelings may prevent you from moving forward with your life and finding your soulmate.

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5 Consider counseling or therapy

When both of you strive to fix your relationship after infidelity, but you fail to do it in a mature and peaceful way, consider counseling or therapy. There is nothing to be ashamed of. A trained professional can guide you in the right direction and help you make your relationship stronger and happier.

Infidelity is messy, dreadful, and overwhelming, but it does not mean the end of your relationship. With a few correct steps, it is absolutely possible to overcome grudge, jealousy, and anger, and improve your relationship even after infidelity.