Why Pumpkin Spice Ombre Hair Is Just Another Failed Trend

Sep 7, 2017

When it comes to welcoming in fall and having pumpkin spiced everything, you would think dying your hair “pumpkin spice ombre” would be the “in” thing, right? Wrong! I do not know about you, but following a trend as silly as one which is already failing, as in this funky hair trend, is about as seasonal as it gets. You would not get a pumpkin spiced tattoo, would you? Then you should not get pumpkin spice ombre hair either, because it is seriously just another failing trend.

It is not even that pretty

Not going to lie, but pumpkin is not that pretty of a color. Couches from the 1960s and 70s did not look good in the shade, and your hair probably will not either. Besides, the mix of orange and brown is pretty blah when you account for all the other trends happening right now, like body glitter, pink and blue hair, feathered eyebrows, and all that jazz. Let’s face it. The only time the color pumpkin should be in your life is when your eating pumpkin pie.

Your hair will not smell like pumpkin spice

I mean, that is what the hype is all about right? Pumpkin spice is a magical scent that makes everyone in the Starbucks line swoon and turns kitchens into the stuff of magic. But, just because your hair is colored like a freshly baked pumpkin pie does not mean it is going to be as magical as a scented candle. If you want to dive into the joys of pumpkin spice then get a scented shampoo or something.

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Pumpkin spice is not fashionable

Hate to break it to you, but pumpkin spice is not on Pantone’s Top Colors for autumn. The hues are a nice blend of eye popping and subtle, like “navy peony,” “golden lime,” and “ballet slipper.” The closest on the list to “pumpkin spice” is “autumn maple,” but good luck pulling off that as a hair color. Maybe as a pair of shoes?

Not many people have the skin tone to match

Unless you have golden undertones or a rich espresso brown, that coppery orange known as pumpkin spice is going to make any redness on your skin glow brighter than a stop light. Also, maybe if you are Ygritte you could get away with it… but do yourself a favor and choose something a bit more flattering.

You are just hiding your roots. Admit it

When ombre became a thing, I noticed that it was really a fancy means of letting your dyed hair grow out to reveal the true color underneath, especially if you had done something crazy like bleaching your black hair. Unless the ombre is done really artistically, it is going to come off as an old dye job.

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In short, skip the pumpkin spice ombre hair trend. Invest your money in sipping the latte version or noshing on pumpkin spice cupcakes instead. If you want to dye your hair something fashionable, then stick with rich browns and plums, big bows, and waves for long hair lengths.

Top image source: pinterest.com