4 Reasons the Milkshake Diet Is Just Too Good to Be True

Jul 22, 2016

Ever since we were children and our parents scolded us for having too many sweets and not being allowed to have that second milkshake when we were out for dinner, we have longed for the day that we receive the independence to make our own food choices that would just be filled with sugar, spice and everything nice.

However, puberty came along and with it all its undercover double agents: pimples, weight gain, and hormonal changes. Due to society’s depiction of beauty we became more body and image conscious, and as a result, we realized that eating all those things that once made us giddy as girls, will only cause us a lot of discomfort and weight gain in the future.

So when the news came that the latest diet known as the milkshake diet only asks that you replace two meals a day with milkshakes – the magical miracle that provided immediate ecstasy for us as children – most of us probably jumped up and down at the opportunity to take part in it. Let’s be honest, all women want to be able to eat anything without the anxiety of gaining weight and here is a diet offering just that – at least that’s what I thought.

However after doing some research, I came to the conclusion that perhaps this is one of those cases where the fantasy being spun sounds better than the truth. Unfortunately, this is just too good to be true and here are four reasons why:

1 Got milk?

We all know that the main ingredient in milkshakes is dairy. In order to get that smooth and thick consistency, we have to pour in huge dashes of milk and scoop up horrendous heaps of ice cream. However, do we really know what is in milk?

In order to keep up with the demand for dairy products, the cows are genetically manipulated with a substance called rBGH; this is done to allow the cow to produce ten times the amount of milk that they would normally produce. These hormones are then indirectly distributed in the bodies of all those who consume these dairy products – no wonder many people often find themselves feeling bloated and in pain.

Did you know that pasteurized milk also contain 750,000 somatic cells per ml? If you do not know what somatic cells are, let me remind you. Do you remember those zits you suffered from as a teenager? Well, they contain a yellow-white substance known as pus, or for a more scientific name – somatic cells. In other words, we have been drinking pus in our long, tall glasses, and eating heaps of it with some sprinkles and a cherry on top.

If you are wondering about your daily calcium intake – why not opt for something like soy, rice, coconut or almond milk, which has about 50% more calcium than diary milk. These options have also not been linked to osteoporosis, skin diseases and cancer.

2 Those unnatural highs and lows

Another ingredient milkshake is packed with is sugar. Not only does sugar make your organs fat, but it is also incredibly bad for your heart. It goes on stating that by consuming processed sugar, you are basically preparing your body for diabetes.

Thus, taking part in this diet will not only be a dangerous experience for those diagnosed with diabetes and those who are sensitive to high blood sugar levels, but to everyone who consumes it.

This is by no means a command to completely eliminate sugar from your diet (although that would be pivotal for the best health) – it is merely statistics to help guide us to a lifestyle of balance.

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3 The Hunger Games

This is the one thing I hate the most of from every fad diet out there – the constant hunger pangs that kick you in your gut and leave you breathless, and this is a guarantee with the milkshake diet. It is as if the end of the world has come and you cannot think of anything else but all the delicious meals you want to consume – and not spread across the day, but now, at that moment.

The problem with the milkshake diet, along with any diet that requires you to remove (not replace, as with a plant-based diet) is that it restricts you immensely and negatively impacts not only your physical health but also your mental health. You become consumed by the idea that you have to lose weight and you have to lose it now. It can so easily become an obsession that influences everything from your personality to your relationships in your personal and professional life.

Studies have been conducted that prove hunger affects the processing systems of the brain, resulting in an emotion known as ‘hangry.’ I don’t know about you, but all those times I tried liquid dieting I felt ‘hangry’ a lot – turning me into the worst version of Johanna Mason from The Hunger Games.

It is important to remember that at the end of the day milkshakes are merely liquids filled with dairy, sugar, and fat – even if you opt for the healthier version of a protein shake with skim milk (or dairy-free alternatives), it still only contains partial amounts of your daily intake of vitamins and minerals. It is too easily absorbed by your body and thus you will get hungry quickly after drinking it – which brings me to my fourth point.

4 You stand to earn it all back now and perhaps even more

This looks like the Casino Billboard on the highway we pass every day – and just like when you gamble with your finances over a weekend getaway, you stand a chance to put back every pound lost and more at the first opportunity presented to you.

The problem with unsustainable diets like this is that, as mentioned above, it not only physically hurts you with hunger pangs, but it also makes you mentally exhausted. The mind is the key to everything you take on in this life – you need to be mentally prepared, fit and strong in order to have enough will power to tackle on this thing called life.

However, due to the fact that you have been depriving your body of its much needed vitamins and minerals – it basically shuts down and all you see is this huge red sign with HUNGER spelled out in red, flashing lights and a million exclamation points. Let us also not forget the absolute panic we feel at that moment – it literally chills you to the bone. All you know is that you need food, and you need it now.

And what do you do then? You grab anything and everything in front of you, the greasier the better! You think by yourself: Tomorrow is another day, I can start again. And thus the process begins all over again, never allowing you to reach your weight and fitness goals, for you are constantly yo-yoing between starving yourself and binge eating due to deprivation.

This is one of the perks of following a plant-based diet that I will always be thankful for – no more yo-yo, no more jumping from one diet to the next with nothing working, and no more calorie counting! I can eat as much as I want, whenever I want – and I get to help the defenceless in the process.

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If you still find yourself wanting to try The Milkshake diet, then I would suggest only doing it for a short amount of time. I would also suggest to try and opt for the healthier options, such as protein shakes made up of fruits, veggies, and diary-free alternatives.

If you decide to go with the traditional milkshake filled with ice cream, milk and tons of sugar – be aware that unhealthy blood sugar levels, weakness, nausea, vomiting, upset stomach, and constipation have been reported as symptoms.

If you decide to try the ‘healthier’ version of the milkshake diet – please be sure that your non-liquid meal supplies enough calories to ensure your body does not move into starvation mode – clinging on to the fat for energy instead of burning it, which is the opposite of what you want.

Despite how easy and ‘harmless’ this diet might seem – it is fundamental that you know what you can handle, never pushing yourself beyond your limit, even consulting a doctor if need be.

Remember in order to get the body you want you to have to be willing to work hard on yourself – eat clean and train dirty. However, all must be done in moderation. Listen to what your body needs and do not deprive it. Balance is key to everything in life – find your balance and you will find your success.