Your Stubbornness Destroyed Our Love

Dec 7, 2017

Stubborn is someone refusing to move or to change one’s opinion, obstinate, and firmly resisting. Synonymous to willful, headstrong, adamant, insubordinate, and Calvin.

As defined by the dictionary above, the very embodiment of stubbornness is my boyfriend, Calvin. Well, I am not quite sure I can call him my boyfriend right now. We are going through a rough (like mountainside rough) patch and have not spoken to each other for a few days, though we share an apartment. Yes, call us elementary kids, but sometimes I feel so infuriated I could just scream for hours on end.

His stubbornness was so innocent at first

Calvin is, in more or fewer words, a stubborn man who always wants to get his way in everything he does and this was what I saw in him that made me so attracted to him and yearned for his love. Sure, his rock hard abs with those pouty model lips, and the damnedest brown eyes I have ever gazed into played some role as well.

We met in Heathrow airport, terminal one and I was struck at how Calvin adamantly ( see what I did there? ) refused to go through extensive searches and to claim his rights were being infringed upon while identified himself as a member of the state of California bar.

Imagine my surprise when he got his way and walked away with all the arrogance he could muster which was quite a lot. As the fates would have it, he was right next to me in business class on our British Airways flight, and I couldn’t help but question him about his brazen balls, which he swung mightily with the conversation taking off from there.

And a week later, we met in a fancy restaurant talking about everything from sports to Beyonce’s lemonade album, before we knew it we were a couple ( corny right?)

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I was practically dating a mule

I guess in my early starstruck days I missed or chose not to see the glaring signs that I was practically dating a mule. The realization hit me like a hammer one day where we were fighting over the fact that a victim of a rape had some blame in the matter so you can imagine the astonishment and state of wonder I was in when the mule in question refused to accept or concede even the slightest grounds.

From there I started picking up on the stubbornness that always went in hand with the trademark arrogance. I began to see that I was never right and he was never wrong.

Terrible communication

Communication became strained, and in retrospect, I accept that I had a part in the failing of our relationship by creating this false sense of acceptance to him, which aided stubbornness. The argument that led to the recent developments leaving us bickering like elementary kids was born simply from me just saying no.

I was never really a submissive person. But when I met Calvin, I was so in love I slipped into the role that I detested. Everything I loved about him made me bitter. The cocky grin I adored turned into an ugly mask, his confidence in everything he did irk my being, and his stubbornness that made me noticed him in the first row is what I hate most.

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I had sacrificed most of what made me who I was in order to make the relationship work. It wasn’t enough to save us, though. In the end, one morning I woke up and realized that my passionate love for this man is dying. His stubbornness literally destroyed our love.