14 Traits That Make an Untamable Woman Fabulous

Oct 31, 2022

Most girls live with a hope that one day their prince will come and make them happy. They believe that life is fair and they deserve to be treated like princesses. This waiting never leads to happiness and success. Stop waiting, and instead, set your love goals and create your life yourself. While looking for the best is great, sometimes it`s better to take the initiative yourself. Check out these benefits of an untamable woman and you`ll probably stop waiting for a miracle to take place in your life but will create it yourself instead…

1 She doesn’t need your money

She`s well aware that nowadays more and more women are bought by rich men who buy them jewels, expensive clothes, beauty, luxury cars, etc. These women behave well with those who give them money but an untamable woman never does so. Freedom becomes her priority from the early age and she knows that nothing else is more valuable than independence. There`s no money that can make her do what others want thus you can`t buy her.

2 Every “no” becomes her motivation

She doesn`t know the word “no” at all. When others say “no” to her, she hears “dare you” and it motivates her even more. She doesn`t like to accept a refusal. She takes it as a challenge and does everything to prove her ability to do anything she wants instead. If you want her to stop doing something because you think it’s impossible, it`s better to agree that you have no chances to succeed in this task.

3 She creates her destiny

She has so many things to do in this world that there`s no time to relax. She knows what she wants, and be sure, she wants a lot. Other women always try to bring her down and persuade that a strong relationship is the only thing she needs but she doesn`t care about it. She wants the world to be a colorful and adventurous journey and it becomes so. She creates her destiny herself and doesn`t ask anyone to appreciate it. She always rises and moves on in life and no one can stop her.

4 Wherever she is, she’s at home

There`s no certain place to be called her home. She`s peaceful and calm wherever she is – each and every place of the world is her home. She feels comfortable everywhere and she doesn`t need a house to be happy in life. She doesn`t need any friends, albeit she`s friendly. She just feels great with herself and that`s it.

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5 You can’t bring her down

No one likes to be under pressure except an untamable woman. She doesn`t suffer from being under pressure but she does her best in this case instead. She likes to have difficult tasks and to reach the most impossible goals. These things just burn fire inside her heart but never make her cry in comparison with other women.

6 She’s always different

You can give a characteristic of all girls you know except an untamable one. Everyone has different habits and mostly act the same way in life. But she`s always different. She can be pleasantly happy and cheerful now but in a minute you wouldn`t believe that this confident girl is the same person. She has tons of traits and is always different.

7 She’s highly emotional

You`d better leave the phrase “calm down” for some other type of women. An untamable one will never calm down because she`s aimed to act. She`s desperately active and emotional all the time. She doesn`t want to stop no matter what. Life is a moment for her and she does anything to make this moment as happy and full of adventures as possible.

8 You can’t control her

Most women don`t know what to do and they wait for men to tell them about it. They let others rule their lives and don`t take any decision themselves. An untamable woman doesn`t need anyone`s advice and approval. She knows exactly what she wants thus you can`t take control over her actions and her life in general. She doesn`t wait for you to say that she does everything correctly because she decides it herself instead.

9 She’s stubborn

No man can own this kind of woman. He just wouldn`t manage to cope with her endless source of energy. She`s stubborn and assertive. And, men like women who agree with everything they say. She loves freedom and choose it instead of being in a relationship with someone who puts limits on everything she does.

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10 She likes her own chaos

The chaos she creates isn`t something you can judge her for because she does it intentionally. She doesn`t want things in her life to be in order. It`s her nature that no one will change. You may say she`s a mess but it wouldn`t hurt her feelings as she finds inspiration and motivation in it. While an ordinary woman can go crazy with such a lifestyle, she feels peace and love thanks to it.

11 She’s never motionless

Spending a day sleeping, eating and watching TV isn’t for an untamable woman. You can`t make her sit down and listen to you if she doesn`t want it. She has a long to-do list and there`s no time to take a break for her because she knows that life is too short to stop doing what you want.

12. She’s up in the clouds

Her life is never boring since she always does something to fill it with as many colors as life can give her. You can`t settle down this wild woman because she`s up in the clouds. She sees everything from that hight and is happy with this skill. She`s like a wild bird that goes down only when she needs to catch a prey and then she goes up again in no time.

13 She’s not an office plankton

She can`t do the same work again and again every day. She doesn`t let society put her in a gray box with four walls as she hates that boring routine. She can`t get up when someone wants it and go to the place she hates. She`s a creative individual. She works only when she`s inspired and interested. She`s her own boss and she takes a vacation whenever she wants.

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14 She doesn’t keep quiet

She always knows what to say and she says it. You can`t make her keep silent. Actually, she doesn`t care what you want. She doesn`t care about whether you want to hear her words or not as well. Her words bring freedom and they are wise thus no one can shut her mouth. If you don`t want to hear her powerful voice, walk away.

Waiting for a happy relationship isn`t what an untamable woman wants. She`s strong, confident, independent and happy. No matter what others think or say about her, she always knows what to do and she always does everything she wants to reach her goals. An untamable woman is all about freedom, creativity and unlimited source of energy. She doesn`t need a home or friends because she`s happy with herself wherever she is. Every day is a new challenge for her. She`s happy to be the way she is and she`s never afraid of others’ judgments. What other benefits of being an untamable woman do you know?