5 Ways Pets Help Me Live a Happier Life

Oct 24, 2022

Have you ever thought about the role of pets on this planet? They are not just animals; they’re creatures of God that make me feel happier in this world. I think I’m a happy person, because I’ve been surrounded by pets all of my life. I cannot imagine my home without a cat or a dog. If to weigh all advantages and disadvantages of having a pet, I’m sure that you’ll find more pleasant and positive moments than negative ones. One of my workmates once said that only lonely people tend to have pets. I completely disagree with her point of view, because pets are your friends and communication with best friends proves that you’re frank and amicable person.

The historical research proves that even ancient people treated animals as friends and used their help in everyday life. Even nowadays nothing has changed. People’s love and admiration toward pets have significantly increased. Besides moral satisfaction, pets can improve both physical and mental well-being. Scientists prove that communication with animals increases the level of oxytocin. This hormone helps people be more resistant to fear and different depressive states. Furthermore, I know that those people who own cats are more emotionally resistant than those who own dogs. But dog owners are more active and broadbrow individualities.

I’m a cat person and I find cats the most beautiful and tender pets in the world. They fill my life with joy and peace. My cat Johnson gives me strong moral support that helps me stay out of negative and obsessive thoughts. When I play with him, I forget about my problems and that’s extremely important to me.

1 Pets Are the Most Devoted Creatures

Nowadays I meet more and more people totally disappointed in human friendship and love. Old and wise people often joke that if you want to find a real friend and be sure that they’ll never betray, then start keeping a pet. I know that many of true words spoken in jest.

If to compare cats and dogs, I think that dogs are especially devoted to their owners. Cats are devoted as well, but sometimes they can use tricks in order to get what they want. Both of them will never blindside you or criticize your actions, because they just love you for who you’re.

A few years ago I watched a sentimental film, “Hachiko.” This touching movie made a tear fall from my eyes, because I understood that real friendship between a dog and a man was evident. Pets are ready to die for their owners, because they cannot live and be happy without them. I’m sure that my cat Johnson is a true friend of mine and I believe that he is as devoted as Hachiko.

2 They Teach Me to Become Better

Pets are very sensitive and wise creatures. It seems to me that they know the truth of life. Unlike people, animals don’t create problems out of nothing. They are free of negative thoughts and inner pain. Their pure hearts are made for loving their owners. People should learn to love, care and smile selflessly, like their pets usually do.

When I look into my Johnson’s eyes I feel pure peace and contentment. I’ve always wondered how cats can be so calm and emotionally reserved. When I communicate and play with my wondrous Johnson, I become calmer. Furthermore, I think that pets teach us to be more friendly, positive, light and relaxed. Plus, they make our hearts kind and we become more caring and loving personalities.

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3 Pets Can Heal the Wounds of My Soul and Body

It may seem strange, but pets have the power to heal both physical and mental human disorders. Thousands of real stories prove their healing ability. I think that pets don’t only follow their instincts, but they can both feel and think.

Every time I come home in a bad mood, Johnson greets me with joy. Without a doubt, it’s a wonderful feeling to know that somebody is waiting for you. When I lay down on the sofa, he gets on my body and starts massaging my stomach with his paws and purring loudly. This is the best healing therapy in the world. Furthermore, I can share my life troubles with Johnson. He always listens to me carefully, as if understands what I’m talking about. Sometimes he may tell: “Meow, meow”, as if trying to give me an advice or calm me down. I don’t hesitate to talk with pets, because I find them interesting interlocutors. It’s scientifically proved that many pets, especially cats can feel the emotions of their owners and soothe physical and mental pain.

4 They Make Me More Organized

I must confess that several years ago I was a bit unorganized person. I found it difficult to manage my time and live according to the schedule. When Johnson appeared in my life, I became more organized, because I felt myself responsible for his life. All kinds of pets require a lot of attention and care. That’s why their owners should be more active in order to bring up a wonderful and healthy pet.

People who haven’t enough time or lazybones by nature, should have pets that require minimal care. Dog owners should find time to walk their dogs at least twice a day. Consequently, the owners of pets become more disciplined and develop the skill to manage their time effectively. If you’re a responsible person, but suffer from lack of self-organization, then adopt a pet.

5 Pets Can Save Me and Apprehend Danger

The research proves that pets can apprehend danger. Their premonition of bad things may help people save their lives and avoid risks. Pets begin to behave strange when they feel danger, trying to give their owners a sign or a hint that something terrible is going to happen. They can feel death, earthquakes and other catastrophes in advance. That’s why owners should be more attentive to notice the signs given by their pets. They should count on their pets, because animals think about the safety of their owners more than about themselves.

Thanks God, I’ve never been in extremely dangerous situations, but I’m absolutely sure that my favorite cat Johnson will save me, if necessary, because he’s like a brother for me. I always try to notice and analyze strange behaviors of my pet.

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In conclusion, I want to say that pets are my four legged brothers. They make my life more colorful and interesting. I cannot imagine myself and my world without them. My lovely cat Johnson helps me deal with stress and brings me to life every time I lose my heart. His love and devotion give me power and inspiration to go through hard time with a smile on my face.

If you want to get a pet, but still hesitate whether to do it or not, just listen to your heart. This is the best choice, if you want to find real and devoted friends. Do you have pets at home? Do you believe that pets can help their owners live a happier life? Share your thoughts, please.