6 Basic Rules of Balanced Snacking

Snacks do not need to ruin your diet. In fact, health experts say that snacking is good for you and helps keep you balanced between meals. What you snack on is important though because although you should snack between meals, you should make sure those snacks are healthy and fulfilling. They will help keep you feeling full and satiated between meals so you are less likely to overeat during mealtimes. Here are some basic rules to get the knack of balanced snacking.

1 Make sure you are actually hungry

Most of us confuse our body’s signal for thirst with that of hunger. The impulses feel the same. Have you had enough water? First, drink a glass of water, if the feeling of hunger subsides, you will know your body was telling you it was thirsty. If you still feel hungry after 10-20 minutes following that glass of water, then your body is hungry and could do with a snack.

2 Make smart snack choices

Sugary and salty treats are not healthy snack choices. Choose things that will fill you up instead. Some carrot and celery sticks with a few spoonfuls of hummus will do the trick. Or make your own healthy snack mix out of nuts like almonds and dried fruits for a sugar-free yet delicious snack on the go. Things with lots of fiber like apples are another excellent choice. Try them smeared with natural nut butters for more depth.

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3 Check your portions

A snack should be a small bite to keep you fueled up for longer between meals. It is not the time to sit down to a big plate of food. Initially, you may need to measure out your snack portions until you get the hang of the proper serving size. You should also be cautious not to gobble down too many calories during snack time. That is what will lead you to weight gain.

4 Use a plate

Dietitians swear by this trick. When we put our snacks on a plate and clear the plate, it mentally convinces us we are full. Also, it prevents you from taking more food than you should. Not that chips are a healthy snack, but if you were to put them on a plate as opposed to eating them straight from the bag, you would eat less of them by far.

5 Munch mindfully

When you take the time to truly taste, chew, and savor the food you eat, your brain gets to really process the flavors and textures of the food. This leads to it feeling more satisfied and leads to you feeling fuller and content. So take that break and clear your mind while you enjoy your food. You will feel much happier inside and out when you do.

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6 Keep busy

This is especially important if you find yourself snacking out of boredom at certain times of the day or while watching TV late at night. If you find yourself drawn to snacks at times when you really do not need to be eating, get up and walk or do some small exercises in front of the TV instead.

Practice these essential balanced snacking rules and you will find you will feel fuller while weighing less.