5 Types of People Who Ghost

Nov 1, 2017

Dating is a true gauntlet. You joust your way through losers to find someone who seems worthwhile, only to soon find they pulled a disappearing act. Now, you are knocked flat and wondering why this person ghosted you. Or maybe, you have done the ghost for a legitimate reason, like a lack of chemistry or the inkling your date was not that nice a person.

Either way, there are people who are actually more likely to ghost than others. Here is a look at the types of people who ghost most often so you know what to look for:

1. Tattooed baddies

Okay, not every “wild child” has tattoos, but they might have other signs, like partying, drinking and drug use. They might be a real (or figurative) rock star. Though dates with these type of people are going to be a whirlwind of fun and spontaneity, it is most often one night and then you never hear from them again.

2. Male feminists

Watch out for the “pro-choice” flag waving, pink pussy cat hat wearing men out there who think attending one women’s rights rally makes them a hero. Sure, he might start off as a genuine sweetheart, but it will not last.

Faux male feminists are not really ready for a real woman. In other words, if you are independent, open-minded, and progressive, he will get scared and ghost. At least you will not have to listen to him mansplain your body or human rights for the nth time.

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3. Law school students

According to The League, a dating app group, people who attend Stanford University Law School ghost at the average rate of 33%. Now, this might not seem like a super high number, but remember this: law school students are busy. There is probably a lot going on with their lives, so if they wind up ghosting you, it might be because they failed (or passed) their bar exam.

4. People focused on work

These individuals are all about TED talks, jet-setting, conference calls, and leading discussions at national seminars. In other words, they probably do not have time for a real relationship and are just looking for a very human way to release some pent-up stress. Expect them to ghost as soon as another business meeting in Singapore pops into their schedule.

5. Mr. or Mrs. Ego

There are two kinds of egos at play when it comes to ghosting. The first is based on how popular the person is. Depending on the site, some users receive popularity rankings. In this case, multiple users are going to be in contact, giving them the ability to pick and choose. Whether you are clicking or not, if they sense there are better prospects, they will probably ghost.

The second is the narcissist who believes that because they are model material, they deserve the best. They are not looking for a relationship. All they want is a trophy on their arm. An ego boost. Once they realize you are a functioning human with real life problems, poof, they make like Casper and ghost.

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Though these five types of people are most likely to vanish from your life, anyone can ghost you for various reasons. It does not matter who they are or who you are. Just remember that rejection is not always a bad thing because no one wants to waste time on someone who is not serious.