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22 Tell me a Time you Made a Mistake.

At the interview, you need to explain why you are the ideal candidate for the vacancy in question, and when the interviewer asks you to tell about your mistake, you freeze. However, if you want to get this job, you must gather your will into a fist and confidently answer the question. The interlocutor is trying to assess your reaction to failure by asking this question.

Possible answers to “Tell me a time you made a mistake”:

“Some years ago, when I worked at X, I needed more time to finish one project, and my manager needed more time to be ready for it. As soon as I realized that it would not be possible to do everything on time, I contacted the responsible persons. We found additional resources that allowed us to finish what we started quickly. After this incident, I took lessons and created a schedule for all future projects, which indicated the exact dates and status of the current moment. Since then, the situation has not recurred.”

Tips for answering the question “Tell me a time you made a mistake”:

  • Admit your mistake and take full responsibility.
  • Explain in detail how you solved the problem. Be honest, as bad as it sounds.
  • Tell a story confirming your desire to learn without repeating past mistakes.

What mistakes should not be made when answering the question “Tell me a time you made a mistake”:

  • Shifting the blame to someone else or sharing it among all participants in the events.
  • Claiming that you have never made mistakes. Instead, answer as honestly as possible.

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