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FAQs: Most Common Interview Questions and Successful Answers

How to make a good impression in an interview?

There are different ways to impress the interviewer, from how you say hello to how you leave the office. Careful preparation, self-confidence, and basic courtesy can help you stand out from the other candidates.

How to prepare for interview questions?

First of all, read information about the company, its customers, products, or services. Then, take the time to study the job posting line by line and consider how your experience will help you succeed in your new position. It is also necessary to prepare answers to the most likely questions to feel calm and confident during the interview. When preparing your answers, be sure to pay attention to the manner of your speech. It would be best if you spoke calmly and confidently. Finally, arrive at the meeting in advance to mentally prepare for the interview and gather your thoughts.

What are behavioral questions?

Behavioral questions are not about theoretical knowledge and hypothetical situations but specific situations from the past. Interview questions of this kind are important for interviewers to understand who you are and how you can fit into the company’s culture.

What questions to ask during an interview?

A specialist who applies for a vacancy always tries to create a good impression about himself: by telling about his unique experience, projects, skills, education, hobbies, and professional plans. But, besides this, it is essential to ask yourself questions that will help you understand whether the company you want to get into is right for you.

  • What difficulties will the employee have to face?
  • What are the goals for the employee in this position for the next six months or a year?
  • How many people are on the team now? Is there an expansion planned?

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