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40. Do you Consider Yourself Successful?

This most popular interview question allows you to get excellent information from the candidate on how you define success, how confident you are in your abilities and belief in yourself, what motivates you when you work to achieve a goal, and whether you attribute your success to personal or collective achievement.

Possible answer for “Do you consider yourself successful?”:

“Yes, I do, and I set myself up for success every day when I go to work. I focus on being productive and adding value to my organization, as I always give 110% to my work. At the last certification, I got the highest marks.”

Tips for answering the question “Do you consider yourself successful?”:

  • Maintain composure and eye contact, and don’t worry or hesitate with the answer. Be confident and acknowledge your success, whatever it is, and where you are in your career.
  • Highlight specific accomplishments. Choose an achievement demonstrating your ability to set a clear goal and see it through to the end.
  • As you reflect on the accomplishment you share, identify why you consider it a success and be prepared to explain as part of your response.

What mistake should not be made when answering the question “Do you consider yourself successful?”:

  • Forgetting about your team. You will most likely be working as part of a team in a new position, so use the opportunity to position your success in the context of a more significant effort.
  • Being unconfident. Usually, people don’t want to hire someone who doesn’t believe in themselves or can’t lead by example of success.

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