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43 How Do You Stay Organized?

Organization-related questions are commonly asked by employers because it is an important interpersonal skill that contributes to productivity and efficiency. As a rule, organized people use their time, energy, and resources more wisely than unorganized people.

Possible answer for “How do you stay organized?”:

“I use various digital tools to stay organized and remember important events. When it comes to managing my time, I start my day by making a list of priorities. I then move on to the hardest work and other tasks that don’t require the same level of concentration. This helps me work more efficiently throughout the rest of the day. I also mute my phone and turn off email notifications during deep work to stay focused.”

Tips for answering the question “How do you stay organized?”:

  • Explain your time management strategies. Interviewers value candidates who use time management strategies in their daily work as it saves the company time and money.
  • Give specific examples of methods you have used and how it has affected your work routine.
  • Be honest.

What mistake should not be made when answering the question “How do you stay organized?”:

  • Overdoing it and overpraising yourself.

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