9 Excellent Sources of Vitamin D (Apart from Sunlight)

Jul 8, 2016

We used to think that we get our vitamin D from sun exposure only, however, there are many other great sources of vitamin D apart from sunlight and meat. Just like any other vitamins and minerals, vitamin D plays a crucial role in many important body functions. We need to meet our vitamin D needs in order to avoid serious health issues.

Not getting enough vitamin D can lead to weak bones, sclerosis, muscle weakness, depression, and even cancer. Besides getting 10 to 15 minutes of sun exposure each day, consider incorporating the following foods into your meal plan to boost your Vitamin D intake.

1 Tofu

Whether it is Lite Firm Tofu, Lite Silken Tofu, Extra Firm Tofu, or Sprouted Tofu, it is one of the best sources of vitamin D that is vegan-friendly and healthy, depending on how you cook it, of course. A cup of tofu contains 39% of your daily recommended value of Vitamin D. It is also rich in protein and calcium. Tempeh is another source of vitamin D if you like it. Just look for a non-GMO version; otherwise, you will not reap any benefits.

2 Dairy products

Cow’s or goat’s milk is another excellent source of vitamin D. Cow’s milk provides your body with about 50% of your Vitamin D daily requirements, while goat’s milk provides only 31%. Anyway, any organic milk is healthy as it is fortified with bone-building calcium. Apart from milk, consider consuming cheese, cottage cheese, butter, yogurt, buttermilk, and kefir. Look for low-fat versions if you are on a diet.

3 Mushrooms

Not all mushrooms are super high in vitamin D as well as not all mushrooms must be fresh. Shiitake mushrooms are a popular source of vitamin D – even if it is a dry version. Maitake and morel mushrooms are high in vitamin D too. Since sunlight feeds mushroom’s growth, no wonder it is one of the best vitamin D rich foods.

4 Eggs

Personally I consider eggs a superfood because they contain so many vitamins and minerals that not eating them is a huge mistake. They contain tons of protein, choline, vitamin A, vitamin B12, vitamin B6, calcium and vitamin D. One egg provides your body with 11% of your daily recommended value of Vitamin D. Isn’t it a reason to have some eggs for breakfast or lunch?

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5 Nondairy milks

If you are anything like me and you can’t drink dairy milk, nondairy versions are perfect alternatives. Almond and soy milk are high in vitamin D, providing your body with around 25% of the daily recommended value. They are also wonderful sources of calcium. Nondairy yogurt and cheese are amazing additions to your daily diet as well.

6 Caviar

Caviar is fortified with vitamin B12, vitamin B6, vitamin D, vitamin A, calcium, iron, and protein. I am not a big caviar fan, but if you are, why not make it a part of your weekly meal plan? There are many ways to consume caviar, but make sure you do not cook and bake it. Avoid buying fake caviar.

7 Oily fish

Whether smoked, baked, fried, canned or grilled, trout, salmon, sardines, swordfish, smoked white fish, mackerel, and tuna are all fantastic sources of vitamin D. They can provide your body with over 200% of your daily requirement levels. If you watch your calorie intake, though, it is best to choose a diet-friendly way to cook your fish.

8 Fortified breakfast cereals

Can’t imagine your morning without cereals? Look for breakfast cereals fortified with vitamin D to boost your vitamin D intake. Surely, it is not the best source of vitamins and eating cereals daily can cause more harm than good, but consuming them once in a while is actually a smart food choice. Do not forget to read the labels before buying.

9 Fortified orange juice

Although fresh orange juice does not contain vitamin D, one cup of fortified orange juice contains 45 IU of vitamin D (the recommended dose each day is around 400 IU.) When consumed in moderation, it is a good way to avoid vitamin D deficiency, which can lead to headaches, fatigue, muscle pain, poor concentration and overall weakness.

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Vitamin D deficiency is a big problem these days since we tend to spend more time in the offices during the day. Whenever possible, try to walk outdoors to get your dose of vitamin D. Include these nine foods in your meal plan to make sure your vitamin D intake is not low. What are your favorite vitamin D rich foods and the ways to consume them?